Custom Made Mattresses,
For Your Boat Or Caravan

Don’t sacrifice comfort, maximise the room you have with a custom-made mattress.

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Just because you are living in a small area, does not mean you should feel cramped or sacrifice comfort. When space is at a premium, Easysleep’s custom made range allows you to maximise the room you have with a custom-made caravan or boat mattress in any shape or size.

Mattresses Made to Fit

Getting the fit right

There is no such thing as a standard size boat or caravan mattress and all too often the comfort of the mattress is compromised for the sake of weight and or shape. The Easysleep custom range solves the problem and does not accept compromise offering both practicality and comfort.

We can craft a mattress for your caravan or boat with cut off corners or manufacture a low profile where height is a concern. We might cut corners on your mattress, but we certainly do not cut corners on comfort.

Enjoy a little touch of luxury with a copper gel fusion layer at the top for an extra good night’s sleep. We will even make a fully removable and washable outer mattress cover for those extra messy trips to hard-to-reach places.

How do I get my custom mattress?

Many of our customers are worried about getting the exact measurements and exact shape of their mattress correct, this is where we can help you get the perfect fit.

  • Drop into our showroom. You are more than welcome to make an appointment to bring in your old mattress, so we can make an exact template of your mattress.

  • We can come to you. Provided your caravan is parked locally or your boat is moored in a local marina, we can come out and measure up an exact template from the base. Additional costs will apply upon finalisation.

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Our Mattress Range

Custom made using your anthropometric details to help maintain the correct alignment of your spine and neck, prompting a healthier night’s sleep.

Choose Between

Hospital Grade Foam & Copper Gel or 100% Natural Latex. Both of our mattresses come with a high quality TENCEL™ mattress cover.

Hospital Grade Foam & Copper Gel
100% Natural Latex