• Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Massage


      With both the blood and lymphatic circulatory system being stimulated, your immune system is boosted and a wide range of health benefits can be achieved.


      Physiotherapists and Chiropractors have described WBVM as a wonder therapy and to be invaluable in the rehabilitation of many injuries and procedures concerning shoulder, hip and knee problems by strengthening muscles without the usual strain on joints and ligaments.

      The process of massage therapy increases blood flow causing a dramatic spike in Human Growth Hormone, the key to regeneration and repair of soft tissues. While improved lymphatic circulation also helps to drain fluid build up from injured areas.

      Bones and Joints

      Vibration therapy can provide excellent results in the fight against Osteoporosis and arthritis.

      Pain Relief

      Massage therapy stimulates natural hormones that naturally suppresses pain.

      Back Pain

      Massage therapy can reduce chronic lower back pain by 70% in just 3 months by increasing circulation.